Media art which was strange to audiences in the past now becomes our daily life and people in the whole world make the art together.
¡®Good Morning Mr. Orwell¡¯ by pioneer video artist Paik, Nam-Joon invites audiences to big public screens on seven continents that included with the COMO at SKT Tower in Seoul. Meanwhile, visitors at each location are invited to a ¡°Global Meetup¡± by uploading pictures via cell phone or email to Streaming Museum website ( The images can be presented through public screens of each venue according to local schedules.
In addition, in Korea, ¡®Good Morning Mr. Orwell¡¯ launched at the same time with other venues on seven continents by countdown with the ¡®Finding pink time 2007 (The Media Clock)¡¯ at 9pm on January 29th. ¡®Finding pink time 2007¡¯ is made by kid artists from ¡®Project [I] 3.0¡¯ which is art participational philanthropy program. So it becomes more meaningful as a participational media art.
January 29 - February 29, 2008
Monday - Friday (08:00-22:00)
COMO (SKT Tower, Seoul)